The techonological community of Kikinda (a.k.a "Кикиндска Технолошка Заједница") is a community in my town that gathers all of the enthusiasts of technology in my town. It's a place where people gather around and discuss about computers and gadgets, organize events and learn together. The community's website is at ktz.rs


Zamphyr is a next-gen educational platform where you can learn about technology for free from combined human knowledge. They crowdsource material to make a universally available school for humanity. Zamphyr is a platform that enables the School 2.0 and lets everyone learn to code, learn to design and learn about technology for free. They are located at zamphyr.com


Church.net (a.k.a "Црква.нет") is a Serbian Orthodox community that gathers Orthodox Christians from all around the world. It was founded by the orthodox priests at the missionary sector. It is open to everyone, and the goal is to bring people to Orthodox Christianity to see its wisdom and beauty. You can check the project at Church.net. I have contributed on that project by creating "Orthodox Calendar" (which you can see on projects page) and current weather forecast. I have also contributed to its side project called "Поуке.орг" by creating a CSS "Dark Mode" theme for the site's UI.


ITmagazin is a youth community project founded by Radovan Lacarak. The goal is to show people that the new technologies can improve everyday life for everyone. My contribution to the site is that I was volunteering as a Front-end Developer by using technologies like HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript. My top-most contribution was that I've created its side project called: "ITmagazin Radio", which you can check on my project's page. The site's location is itmagazin.info